So Bright

If your future is so bright you have to wear shades, today is the day to wear them. It’s Sunglasses Day!   Sunglasses, one of the coolest unisex accessories, have evolved with fashion over time, but that’s not where they got their start. The history of “sunglasses,” although they weren’t called that, can be traced to ancient Rome (of course, because they created almost everything) and 12th-century Chinese judges.

cool glasses2From protecting your eyes from the sun, hiding your glance, black-eye, or hangover to improving your vision, sunglasses do more than pump up your outfit.  Their protective lenses and fashionable frames add glamour, allure, and mystery. No wonder almost every designer and some engineers have placed their logo on a pair.  So, whether you have a prescription or you’re just too cool for school, put on or flip down your shades and celebrate.  With all the different styles available, from Gucci to Oakley, you’re bound to find a pair that expresses your brand of cool.


You look good!!!

Maybe you’re born with it.  Maybe it’s Maybelline, a nail technician, beautician, model-1439909_640and esthetician working together with what God gave you and some modern technology. It’s Beauticians Day and you have some people to thank.  Whether it’s a special occasion or your everyday routine, today is the day thank anyone and everyone that had something to do with you leaving the house looking presentable.   When I look back over the years, beauticians have been creative artists willing to go anywhere your imagination can take you.  They are the artistic therapists who know your natural hair color,  actual length, and biweekly drama.  My esthetician knows about as much about me as my GYN. So, when you look at your reflection today, say “Amen” to Jesus and “Thank you” to your beauty technicians.

beard-698509_640Men, you are not exempt from today’s holiday.  Although manscaping may be a newish term, men have clocked just as many therapeutic beauty hours as most women.  All the time spent removing your back hair, dying those beards, lining that neck, edging those sideburns, and separating those eyebrows, we know you weren’t born that way.

In addition to distributing thank yous, celebrate today by taking a trip down memory lane.  Yes, that was your mohawk, designer dye job, and curly perm.  Even though you may contort your face when you see the style today, at the time, you thought you were hot stuff. Don’t be embarrassed, just be grateful you’ve evolved.  Wash, rinse, repeat, and…



A Simpler Time

leon robinsonI was super excited to celebrate a few of today’s holidays and then I realized LEON Day is not celebrating my Boo from the 5 Heartbeats, Leon Robinson, but rather Christmas in July. LEON IS NOEL spelled backward and LEON Day marks the halfway point in the year for Christmas.  Then I found out National Catfish Day is actually about catfish and not online Boos whose profile pic looks like this and when their actual profile is this. Catfish Day is also an actual National holiday created by President Ronald Reagan in 1987 as a reminder to celebrate or eat catfish.  I feel like I’ve been holiday catfished.Catfish

You can choose to celebrate either of these holidays.  I’m choosing to celebrate Log Cabin Day and reflect on simpler times.  Actually, if I were around 100 years ago when people were discovering the mid-west and first building log cabins, a simpler time for me it would not be.  So, to celebrate Log Cabin Day, I’ll click through a few modern day Log Cabins, made in the rustic west, with the same beautiful scenery and many modern amenities.  Choose this Sunday to celebrate the holiday that rings true to your soul.  Have a Happy mid-Christmas, a brilliant catfish dinner and…



Use them all

wall-2041760_640It’s a beautiful sunny, breezy day where I am. The sun is bright, the breeze is steady and the air is warm.  Today is the perfect backdrop for Celebration of the Senses Day!  Most of us rely so heavily on our eyes, we can almost forget the others are there.  Although we’re touching, hearing, smelling, and tasting things every day, many of us are on autopilot unless using one of our senses is tied to our profession; like a cook, musician, or armpit sniffer (it’s a real thing).  So, today is dedicated to closing off your superior sense and exercising the others. Lay outside and smell the scents carried in the air. Close your eyes and listen to the sound of the wind, the tussle of the grass, and insects fighting in midair (birds are so cliche).  Feel the hair move on your skin, your clothes on your body, and your back on the lawn.  Taste something new, like a fruit you’ve never heard of before or sample a cheese plate.  Explore the world with a new perspective and see what you find.

Celebrate with friends or lovers in the after dark version of Celebration of the Senses Day. Cuddle and Watch Senseless with Marlon Wayans.  It’s sure to tickle your funny bone.  Today, hear, see, taste, touch, smell and…



All About Color


Today isn’t about you, me, her, or him, it’s only about one thing and that’s pink.  It’s National Pink Day! The color pink has been around at least since the 1700s and was created by mixing red with white or light blue.  The original pink was a light pastel, but as times, art, and fashion evolved, bright pink became a popular 20th-century hue.   So, today we celebrate pink, in all shades, for all reasons because pink has made its way into our culture, our lives, and our emotions.

Lighter shades of pink are often assigned to femininity, romance, and tranquility.  Hot pink1Pink ignites energy, excitement, and adventure.  A controversial color, pink has been a hot debate topic in men’s fashion, gender assignments, and even it’s existence has been called into question.  Despite the controversy, pink is here to stay.  It’s the national color of breast cancer, a part of our everyday language, and even a pop star. There is no avoiding pink!  So join hands and celebrate the pretty, versatile, gender unspecific, awareness of the mixture of real colors and your brain’s bending of the color spectrum – PINK!



My favorite pink movie!

Boys, boys, boys

As if the fellas haven’t had enough recognition this month, it’s Stupid Guy Thing Day! Often men; Dads, husbands, and brothers are the butt of the joke in sitcoms, disproportionately to women and it may not seem fair.  However, if art imitates life, you have to admit, men must be doing some stupid things from time to time.  Maybe stupid is a harsh word, let’s just say that sometimes they operate on a different logical plane than women.  Men are from Mars and women are from the place where they think everything through, consider all possible outcomes, and everyone’s feelings in addition to logic (usually).

Stupid Guy Things can range from the creative and funny to the insensitive and hurtful. Since we can’t fix them or banish them all together, I suggest celebrating appropriately. For the insensitive and hurtful. Burn everything (except him)! Or have a drink with some girlfriends, take up a new hobby, and Relax! Relate! Release!

For the creative and funny.  Tape everything (especially him)!  If he keeps doing dumb stuff resulting in minor boo-boos, small concussions, and winning America’s Funniest Home videos or landing a commercial spot after the YouTube video goes viral.  At least his silliness is profitable. Have fun building that nest egg and let him entertain you! Beef up the health coverage (until Congress takes it all away) and increase the life insurance.

There are a ton of movies you can watch related to today, but instead of Netflixing, go out and people watch or Stupid Guy Watch.  Have fun and…


It’s Here!

It’s here!  Or, it was here at 12:24 am.  It’s Summer Solstice Day!   It’s also International T-shirt Day and Go Skateboarding Day! All these holidays are here to encourage you to enjoy the longest day of summer!  Summer is officially here so, bust out the t-shirts with funny or inappropriate tag lines, wear that polo to work, skateboard like a pro (in your head, unless you are a pro), and get some fun in the sun.

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If you’re wondering, “Why Stonehenge?”  It’s because no one knows why this structure was really built, but the Summer Solstice Sunrise hits it dead center, so some think this was an early meteorology structure.  I had the pleasure of seeing these amazing stones in person and they are incredible!  If you get the opportunity, go.  If you don’t get the opportunity, use photoshop and pretend you did.  Happy Summer and…