Celebrating You and You and You and…

It’s Multiple Personality Day!  Not to be confused with the clinical disorder renamed in 1994, Dissociative Identity Disorder, which we take seriously for those that suffer and combat daily, living with this disease.  NO, TODAY WE CELEBRATE THE MANY PERSONALITIES OF YOU.  The mild condition we all occupy from time to time that keeps others momentarily entertained, confused or searching for headache medicine, so they can continue a conversation with us without needing to invoke their right to an attorney.

This is our day to get to know ourselves on a deeper level. So, today, when you’re out and about if you notice a someone having deep conversations with a few people you don’t see, give them a hand clap and celebrate with them.  Have their people call your people and arrange a personality party.  It’s bound to be a good time, either now or a decade from now when you look back over your life.  So smile like you mean it and holiday on, my friends!

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