Unique Name Day!

If you’ve ever been in class and saw this look on the teachers face before calling your name in the roll, congratulations, today is your day!  It’s Tuesday of Celebrate Your Name Week (CYNW) and we are celebrating the children of creative thinkers.

Is your name an awkward combination of both your parent’s names? Are you named after a fruit and a car?  Do you have a seemingly simple name with a few extra letters to prove a point? Does your name pay homage a distant relative, whose name was spelled in Olde English and so is yours?  Can you not type your name on a keyboard without reaching for the special characters?  If your answer is, yes, to any of these questions respond to this post with your UNIQUE NAME (and the phonetic pronunciation) because we want to celebrate you today!

It’s also National Crown Roast Day and National Cereal Day, so have a potluck and honor those whose names we say incorrectly.

Holiday on my friends!