Rezties…this is for you!

Today we are honoring the redhaired stepchild of your government identity.  The name seldom used in good graces, often shouted by your mother when you were being scolded, and usually only represented by a single withering, capital letter.  Today we celebrate the glorious middle name, for it is Middle Name Pride Day and shout this placeholder from the mountain tops we must!

Cleotha, Rezties, Mozene, we salute you!

Whether it’s a family name, actual last name or a generic Ann, today is the day to be proud someone thought enough of you to name you twice.  So what, they named you Charles Dartanyan, there is strength in those roots. Who cares if Rezties is not even pronounced the way it is spelled, it has a “z” in it.

Zewaun, Horace, Géza!  Embrace it!

And, if you’re blessed to have a middle name that is okay enough to replace the jacked up first name they gave you, congrats, you’re already making it useful!

James, David, Marcus!

For those whose parents got it right and didn’t name you Achilles, but had the foresight to give you beautiful alliteration or an exotic foreign name, that means darling in French, you probably already flaunt it, so flaunt on.

Finally, if you’re in the sad group with no middle name, it’s also National Blueberry Popover Day, you go celebrate that.

Holiday on my friends!

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