As if Mother Nature planned it herself, it’s time to muff it up as we celebrate Ear Muff Day! Stella is on her way.

If you don’t believe in weather reports, take your chances anything is possible.

For the teachers and parents of school-aged children, who watch the weather report diligently, excited or fearing the possibility of school closings, grab your wine, Hennessy, and/or Valium and go in your padded room, unless that’s where you store your kids, and get ready to Netflix it for a few days.

Whether you’re a Stella believer or not, you can still celebrate today’s holiday, by rocking your muffs indoors and out.   They will keep your ears warm and muffle the sounds of your annoying co-workers.

Holiday on my friends!

4 thoughts on “MUFF IT UP!”

  1. Thanks for the info! I think I’ll wear nothing but my muffs today. I really want them to be the focus today. Can you imagine the looks I’ll get? My muffs will be a true statement piece and they’ll get the glory they deserve on this very special day.

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    1. Well, that would be a new fashion statement and you’re sure to end up in either a padded room or requiring bail money. Either way, you’ll be protected from storm Stella!


  2. You’re looking forward to the snow? Well, get the Voulet ready! Today is the perfect day to get a brand new pair of muffs! If you do, post them in the comments so we can celebrate together!


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