Dumbstruck Day

If someone says something to you today that is so stupid, all you can think to do is gaze at them for a few minutes trying to imagine the miniature man inside their heads writing gobbilty-goop on a tiny chalkboard, that they promptly recited to you, don’t lose your cool by responding with the paragraph of profane language and sarcasm you’ve been itching to unleash.  Give them the benefit of the doubt.  They may be trying to help you celebrate today’s holiday Dumbstruck Day!

There is a possibility they aren’t as feeble-minded as you think.

Today, when you are stunned into silence, by the strange, shocking and unusual, pop out your tambourine and jig in celebration.  You’re sure to leave your audience dumbfounded! Thus creating a continuous loop of Dumbstruck Day homage.

Holiday on my friends!