White Meat or Dark?

If you look at this picture and start reaching for your rotisserie spices and cornmeal batter, you’re ready to celebrate Poultry Day!  Today we are honoring poultry, all of it, chicken, turkey, duck, quail, and whatever else your cousin Bubba will shoot and pluck.

This isn’t just a chicken holiday, so dust off that book with all the recipes and get to know your poultry more intimately; grab a whole bird, reach up inside, pull out the innards and cook it like you mean it.

This is a perfect day for a Turdunken, so if you haven’t already, give it a go.  If you cook as well as you juggle jungle cats, there are entire restaurants and fast food chains specializing in poultry, so, you can celebrate without burning the house down.  Don’t be ashamed. Your taste buds, guests and neighbors will thank you.

Eat well, have fun, and holiday on my friends!


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