Get Your Smell On

Back in the day, people didn’t shower or bathe every day.  I don’t mean the other weekend when you expected Stella to keep you inside, so you went showerless and T.V. binged for three days.  No, in an ancient era, a long, long, time ago, it just wasn’t common for the average joe to bathe every day.  And, just like today, after a few days, those body odors start to become a little pungent. So, people reached for mother nature to solve the problem.  It’s Fragrance Day! 

Of course, you celebrate, by indulging in all things fragrant, perfume, cologne, candles, lotions, air freshener, oh, my!  The list is almost endless.  Warning!  This doesn’t mean you go buck wild spraying everything sitting on your dresser.  They are separate scents for a reason.  You also shouldn’t celebrate by walking around with a spray bottle spritzing random strangers.   It’s offensive, except for this one time, I was on the subway in New York and I just had to.  Anyhoo, you should smell your best today, actually smelling good is something you should strive for daily.  So, reach for the cream, spray, deodorant, spices, dried flowers, something olfactory friendly and holiday on my friends!