Get Goofy!

It might be in your best interest not to celebrate today’s holiday at work unless your workplace is AMAZING!  In which case, I’m looking.

It’s International Goof Off Day and you’re expected to goof off!  Let your responsibilities fall by the wayside and entertain yourself by doing things you enjoy.  It’s basically a day of pleasure and fun.  And, if you haven’t already done your taxes you may need to relax before the deadline hits.

So, play with your yo-yo, hula hoop in the park, or finally, paint your masterpiece.   Responsibilities are a thing of the past and future because they return tomorrow, so don’t do anything you’ll regret come time to pay the mortgage.

Now, if your work place is amazing, I’ve got a few workplace friendly goof-off ideas for you to try.

  1. Send a group e-mail with pictures of balloons.
  2. Leave a note on your bosses car from the cat they ran over last week.  Remind them that you have 6 lives left and they will have to try harder to keep you down.
  3. Bring a dozen yellow foam balls to work and spread them out in random aisle throughout the office.  Then, walk around the office clapping your arms like Pac Man and pick up the balls.  If someone is in the aisle with you, they are ghosts and you must  run for your life.

These would definitely make my day entertaining.   However you choose to celebrate, remember there is more to it than just relaxing, goof off and let go of some anxious energy.

Holiday on my friends!