You must be crazy!


If you thought I’d let today pass without saying April Fools Day you’re a fool!

Instead of staying indoors celebrating National Sourdough Bread Day, you should be out terrorizing your friends.   Today is the perfect day to cover your sister’s car in black trash bags, so she thinks that someone is after her.  While she is outside trying to figure out why she is being targeted by a secret non-existent gang, you can dip into her house and add red Kool-aid to all her faucets and shower heads.  Then, lift up the toilet seats and cover them with plastic wrap before heading back outside to offer her comfort food (the three mayonnaise filled donuts you purchased earlier).  She won’t thank you, but I’m certain your amusement will last longer than her tears.

If that sounds mean to you, you’re boring.  Go ask someone to pull your thumb.   If this is just the tip of the iceberg for you, we might be soulmates.  You should follow the red elephant to a site I found that has some interesting ideas.  Have fun and HOLIDAY ON MY FRIENDS!!!




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