Not Talking About Your Checkbook

Just in case you went a little too far with the pranks yesterday, it’s Reconciliation Day!  Take today to clean up the mess you made of other people’s houses, feelings, and belongings.

ape-530759_1280Sike! Reconciliation Day is really about mending relationships.   There are many reasons relationships, of all kinds, don’t last, but if there is someone who stays on your mind and in your heart, today may be a good day to call and say, “hi!”  An instant reconciliation may not be in the cards, but reconnecting could be a good start.  Maybe they’ve been missing you too.

I like the saying that goes, “The grass is greener on the other side because it is watered more often.”  Now, I’m not saying you should go through your phone book and call every person from your past.  You know who is in your heart.

There are a few moments in life when we are reminded how precious and short life can be.  Sometimes these are happy moments and sometimes they are tragic. But, when they occur, we tend to operate, for a time, in a space of appreciation; appreciating our life, our friends, and our blessings. Then, inevitably we fall back into whatever space is routine for us, worry, selfishness, recklessness, until the next jolt.  Take today as a reminder, so you don’t have to wait for the next life-altering jolt.  Forget about who’s to blame and what went wrong. Concentrate on love and respect, so you can get your friend, family, and heart back.

With Love,




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