Stick to the “White” Ones

It’s Tell A Lie Day and I don’t know why there is a holiday dedicated to those who have mastered the art of prevarication, but maybe it is so they can “seem” right for once in their lives.  kirk-frost

We all know someone who is most likely to tell the truth when pigs grow wings.   The kind of person who walks into the room saying, “Good Morning,” and you know you must do your due diligence by looking out the window to check for daylight.

I personally don’t enjoy a lie unless it is connected to a hilarious joke or a surprise that ends with a really spectacular present.  So, if you choose to indulge in today’s holiday, I suggest you stick to the little “white” ones, like, “Yes, you do look great today,” “I thought that was a new haircut,” and “I’m only five minutes away.”


I suggest you stay away from lies that can result in life-changing events, like losing your job, relationship, or life.  You should also avoid people who tend to carry lie disks around in their pockets hurling them left and right.  You should probably stay away from them on any regular day too.

You may also choose to celebrate by watching movies featuring liars, like, Big Fat Liar (2002), The Usual Suspects (1995), or a documentary on Lance Armstrong.  Whatever floats your boat. Just remember however you choose to observe today, the consequences could last longer than April 4th, 2017.

directory-1187122_1280And now a lie…

I hope you have a terrible, rotten, no-good day.