Go For Broke!

Hello, Friends!  I’d like to stress that today is GO FOR BROKE DAY not, Go Broke Day!  I’ll assume absolutely no responsibility for anything that happens should you misconstrue the two.   That being said…

Go For Broke today!  That means try something new and give it all you’ve got.  What have bert-lahr-516812_1920you spent hours and hours toiling over?  Today is the day you jump!  (Not literally, unless you’ve been toiling over skydiving or base jumping, something where you’re expected to wear safety gear and live.)   Maybe courage is something you’re still working on and you need to take baby steps.   In that case, just live a little!  See a scary movie, elope, try blowfish.

Life is much shorter than you think it is (speaking figuratively), pick a door and walk through it.

doors-1767563_1280-e1491412575160.jpgIt’s also National Deep Dish Pizza Day, so maybe Going For Broke for you is finally admitting that pineapples really do go on pizza. Anchovies? NO! Pineapples? YEEEES!!!

Whatever fear or disgust has held you back from doing, today is the day to “Give it up, turn it loose,” as En Vogue sang.    Get Moving and HOLIDAY ON MY FRIENDS!

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