If you know what this is a picture of, you can celebrate today.  If you still have a case of them, they are probably dusty.  If you’re still listening to them, you’re probably not on the internet to read this post.  It’s Eight Track Tape Day!

8-Track-Michael-Jackson-Thriller.pngI must be honest and say that my true recollection of 8 tracks only goes as far back as a stack of tapes that belonged to my parents that I’m holding onto strictly for nostalgia. Plus, I may write a play that needs an 8 track player and tapes.  Yes, I have the player too. I don’t even know if I’ve ever listened to music played on an 8 track player. I definitely remember vinyl, of course, I only remember calling them records.

If you have a working player and 8 tracks, you should celebrate by seeing if it is worth anything on eBay.  If it isn’t, call your friends, put on your old clothes and have a rent party.  If you don’t have an 8 track, you can look at pictures of 8 tracks, refurbish an old player, or sit on a park bench scrolling through your playlist being glad it isn’t an 8 track player.  Have fun and…