There He Blows

Not exactly the wind they had in mind when they dubbed today Big Wind Day.  They were referring to the big wind of April 12, 1934, when the staff of the Mount Washington Observatory recorded the highest surface wind ever measured, anywhere on earth. This big wind was officially recorded at 231 miles per hour.  That’s the kind of wind that does more than put a foul stench in the air.


We can’t and shouldn’t try to recreate the winds of 1934, so I recommend we celebrate big winds that brought some really great cinema moments.  First, the best babysitter entrance ever, Mary Poppins, Julie Andrews, 1964.   If you didn’t love this movie, you probably grew up to be a serial killer.

Secondly, there are the land-locked breezes of New York City, that can smack you around like a new born baby.  In Unfaithful2002, Diane Lane let those dreadful winds push her into the arms of a handsome painter.  Well, we all know how that ends.  Unless you haven’t seen the movie, then you don’t know and I won’t ruin it for you.

Finally, there is the Nor’Easter that brings Chocolat, 2000, to a stuffy little town just dying for an…well release.   I suggest you see this immediately, great date night chick flick that will definitely have a happy ending.

And if none of these suit your fancy, there is always that other wind!

Nutty Professor wind 3g