Well, it’s Husband Appreciation Day and if you remember from yesterday, I haven’t one of those, so I’m celebrating Rubber Eraser Day instead.  After my fabulous wedding, I’ll circle back to Husband Appreciation Day 2018.

Happy Rubber Eraser Day!

Today we celebrate the invention or discovery of the eraser, a great invention, we have all used.  It’s only had a few really spectacular design moments: 1) when Joseph Prieslty discovered it in 1770, 2) when Hyman Lipman put it at the end of a pencil, and 3) if you count when they first started making scented erasers.  I count it.  Celebrate today by writing uninhibited, with a pencil, and erasing til your heart is content.

To err is human, to erase is divine!

728px-Woman-cartoonIf only this worked in real life.  I know many people say, “Oh, I have no regrets because if I hadn’t made the mistakes I made, I wouldn’t be who I am today.”  Bump that, I have regrets.  And, some choices, I would erase in a second if I could get time back. There are a few things I’m glad I learned on my own, but I can honestly look back and say there were a couple of times I should have taken better notes.  I should have skipped the lesson and listened to the Cliff Notes from someone who’d been there, done that.  If you’re in my boat, suck it up, we’re here now.  If you’re still rowing, abandon ship and make smarter choices.  Take advice and listen to it. Let Rubber Eraser Day serve as a reminder that only a few things in life can be erased for a redo and time isn’t on that list.  Have fun. Be smart.