21 Questions

Today we celebrate one of the professions that support our need to know.  It’s National Columnists Day!  Yeeeeaaaahhh!!!  While this profession will probably never fade away it has definitely made evolutions as times have changed.  From Dear Abby to Uncle Stevie, columnists are the perfect mix of facts, opinions, humor, and sometimes annoyance.   Unlike journalists who try to keep their opinions to themselves, columnists usually freely share their bias. More than just giving information, columnists give personality with their point of view. Whether you agree with them or not, it’s nice to feel you know the person behind the print.


Of course, Bloggers count!  

Not all blogs count…LOL…, but Bloggers are a new generation of columnists.  The jury is still out on Twitters.  I’m on the “No” side of the court.  If you disagree, let me know why in the comments.  I’m open for discussion.

And now a moment of recognition for my favorite, flawed, and fictional columnist, Carrie Bradshaw.  Celebrate today by reading a column or blog or at least watching one on T.V.  Ask questions and give opinionated answers based on facts.