Parents Morning Off…

Invented in Germany, so parents could get a break from their kids under the guise of early education, today we celebrate the brainchild of  Friedrich Froebel.  It’s Kindergarten Day! 

If you take a look at my first day of school photos, I watheater_masks_by_imawatchu-d568z9ns really excited standing in front of my house, but if you put that picture next to the picture taken of me in front of the school, they look like a pair of drama masks.   I don’t remember that traumatic day.  What I do remember about Kindercare is a girl named Elizabeth, who was my friend and had very long, dark brown hair.  She was so nice that I’ve like people named Elizabeth ever since (with the exception of the lying snake at my previous job). I also remember my teacher Miss Sandy, who taught me the song, You Light Up My Life,” in sign language and I remember those plastic white cots we used to unstack for nap time. In spite of the drama masks, in the end, all went well, and school, for me, was a lot of fun. Still, if I had the option, I’m sure I’d choose kindergarten over adulting at least three times a week. Therefore…

princess-310230_640Hear ye, Hear ye!  

I  henceforth from this moment until the twenty-third and fifty-ninth hour declare it the day of Kindergarten-ing!  On this day, all adulting is henceforth suspended at will for moments of Kindergarten-ing. Kindergarten-ing shall consist of randomly reciting the alphabet, counting to one-hundred, and singing silly songs til your heart’s content.   Permission is also given to stop, drop, and color whenever such activities are desired to be done.  Should ye feel inclined ye may cut up sheets of paper and make mosaics of your name, practice writing legibly in cursive, and brush up on your puzzle skills.  Click ye here to link to PBSKids where ye shall roam freely reliving the days of your long gone youth.  Should ye be questioned while Kindergarten-ing, direct the fools to this site of the web, that they may understand and leave ye be in peace or join the celebration.  Play well and…





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