Holiday Celebrate we must.

It’s International Star Wars Day!    I’m not a huge Sci-fi buff, but I dated a guy who was and that kinda sorta got me into them.  By kinda sort into them, I mean I had a nice collection of light sabers and would invite people to come play Star Wars with me, whether it was a regular day or a first date.  It was kind of my way to test their imagination and childlike wonder.  This fact would probably be more adorable if I hadn’t been in my mid 20’s at the time.  It could only have gotten weirder if I had costumes.  No, I didn’t have costumes!

You should celebrate today, by watching all of the Star Wars (yes, I said all), but I recommend a very specific order.  First watch the original 3, then watch the remastered versions of the original three.  Then, watch the rest of the films in the order of their release date.  Don’t skip the original 3! Have fun, HOLIDAY ON, and…

May the Fourth Be With You!