Forget the Ooommmmm….

It’s World Laughter Day and in case you aren’t in the know, laughing yoga is a thing and has been official since 1995.   When you laugh, your body releases a lot of good stuff, like endorphins and cortisol.  Here’s the rub, your body doesn’t know if your laughter is genuine or contrived, ergo you can laugh your way to health.

Dr. Kataria together with his yoga instructing wife, Madhuri, formed Laughing Yoga in 1995 and to quote a website they are “blazing a happy trail across the world.”  In addition to getting high on hormones, there are studies showing real health benefits of clapping, laughing, and pouring air drinks, which are just a few of the Laughing Yoga exercises.

I suggest celebrating by inviting all your friends over for a fun circle and following a Youtube instructional to laugh yourself to better health.  HA HA HA…