nurse, Nurse, NURSE!

In case a 5 foot, annoying, little nurse hasn’t reminded you yet, It’s Nurses Week!  Today is especially dedicated to the School Nurse, but since I’m not posting about nurses all week, let’s give a big hip hip hooray for them all.

When you’re in the hospital, you see the nurses more than your doctors, so if there was someone you’d want to tip, it’s be them.  Nurses come in all shapes, sizes, nationalities, and genders.  All nurses matter.  Even the ones who sit in cushy offices and monitor other nurses.  They still went to school and probably did real nurse work before they got the cushy little office where they paper push and talk on the phone.

I know all nurses don’t put their best foot forward all the time, but since we’re celebrating, I’m not going to mention those that obviously flunked bedside manner, sensitivity, and basic human kindness.   Let’s focus on those who know what you need before you do, check behind the doctors, and advocate on your behalf.  Thank you to the home nurses, who don’t abuse their patients. Thank you to the school nurses who let you lay down when you’re cramping like a MF.  And, thank you to the nurse practitioners who help me when my doctor is overbooked.


My Public Announcement: Nurses work hard long hours, whether they’re in your house or the hospital.  I doubt anyone goes into nursing  with intentions to do a horrible job and make a patient’s life unpleasant.  That being said, just like many people, nurses work long hours, deal with a variety of personalities, are on their feet a lot and have one of the most humbling and stressful customer service jobs ever.  The next time you’re a patient, have patience and Thank your nurse.   Be well and…