G-maws, Tee-tee’s, Manny’s…

Trusting your precious little bundle of extra skin to someone can be stressful.  I understand.  So, today we celebrate finding the right one!  It’s Child Care Provider Day and although it may feel like they’re raping you for your paycheck, a perfect fit can be hard to find.  So, pay out the whazoo with pride!

Personally, if we don’t have DNA in common, I don’t really want to entrust my little bundle to you and depending on the percentage of DNA, I still may look at you sideways! So, celebrate today by throwing in a gift card, spa treatment, or giving your child care provider the day off and watching your own kid.  You could also pick-up the little whippersnapper early or on time for once.  Find your own way to celebrate, but showing appreciation for the person who spends more daylight hours with your child than you, should be on your list of things to do today.

If you’re a mom or dad that likes to party, chances are you have an evening sitter on call as well.  If they are missing fun, so you can have some, they count.  So, toss a carrot their way and don’t forget the G-maws, Tee-tees, mannies, Sugars, au pairs, etcetera.  Have fun and…


(Sometimes I forget I don’t have children, but I have nieces and nephews and it’s the same thing.)

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