I Blame Vicki!

The jury is in and it’s not your fault. It’s Blame Someone Else Day and no matter what the offense,  you’re in the clear. You may have been caught red handed, but it wasn’t your fault. I’m sure there was a dragon that forced your hand.  My personal motto is “Blame Vicki.” It’s usually her fault anyhow.  Take today, for example, why is my post so late?  All Vicki’s fault.

Now, you can’t be sensitive today.  Someone can blame you, too.  Take it all in stride and tell them, “that’s what you meant to do,” then give a very good fantabulous reason why. Practice your improv and deflection skills today.  It’s all in fun, so blame the person next to you and…


P.S. – You can blame them for good stuff as well.

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