Black Blue Red Sad

There are two reasons few of us sign up for careers where we knowingly place our lives at risk on a daily basis (The “Paper Clip Incident of 1992” doesn’t count);   1) Few of us have the courage or desire to risk our lives and the stability of our families every day  2) The ratio of careers that risk your life to those that don’t is pretty unbalanced, so odds don’t favor that decision.  However, even though we may have decided a life-risking career path isn’t for us, we take advantage of the liberties protected by those careers every day.  today it is Police Officer’s Memorial Day and we honor those certain men and women in Blue who have fallen while honorably serving.


I recognize that we are living in a time when relationships between the public and police officers are strained.  I also recognize the issues aren’t across the board with all officers, districts, or states.  For instance, a few of my cousin’s are great officers.

It’s sad to know there are areas and entire towns in this country, where citizen feel hunted rather than protected.  We must do better by being active in the elections of our local government officials.  All lives matter and so do all rights and liberties.   As we recognize Police officers this week, let’s keep in mind that most of us want to make it home safely every night.  So, before you raise your gun, whether blue or black, think of other ways to deescalate the situation and…