There may not be a lot of math involved, but patience is a more difficult problem to solve.  It’s National Waiters and Waitresses Day!  Today we take the time to acknowledge and appreciate waitstaff.


Of course, I’ve been a customer, but I’ve also been a waitress, so let’s get started!  Being a waiter or waitress isn’t always an easy job.  Depending on the type of establishment, the waiter is the liaison between the customer, busboys, cooks, and management.  Sometimes they are also the hostess, cashier, and janitor.  Most waiters and waitresses, don’t make minimum wage as a set salary.  When I was a waitress I made $2.15 and hour.  When I got a raise, I made $2.25.   I don’t think it’s fair, but the government calculates customer tips as part of an hourly wage, so does the restaurant industry, therefore when customers don’t tip, a server can work an 8-hour shift and leave having made less than $30 that day.  It has happened to me.  On the other hand, a good night can more than make up for a bad night, but that’s probably not going to be on a Tuesday evening, so, waiters trade scramble and horde those prime hours. Even then, on a good night, in some places, tips are split between busboys, hostesses and bar staff.  I get it, but it can be annoying.

I liked waitressing.  It was fun and I enjoyed meeting new people and building relationships.   It sucked when people were mean, spiteful, impatient, or rude.  It also sucked having to clean the toilet when people make it look like an outhouse.  I didn’t always get tips but appreciated it when I did.  To this day, it was one of my favorite jobs even when it didn’t pay well, but I was a 14 with no bills to pay.


As a customer.  I hate it when establishment takes the liberty to include gratuity in my check.  It is your business. If you want to pay your waitstaff more, raise the prices and give them a real salary.  Tips have long been debated and honestly, I would like the “tradition” of tipping to go away.  It’s an unfair obligation.  I enjoy tipping when someone has done a great job and gone beyond what is in their job description making my evening super enjoyable.  But to force gratuity is like an extra tax.  I appreciate good service and I like to show my gratitude, and that should be my choice.

Don’t be a waiter or waitress if you don’t like people!  The perfect waitstaff can make your evening feel like a night out with family or an old friend.  As some of my favorite T.V. waitresses have shown, sometimes you go back to a place because of how they make you feel, not necessarily the food.  So celebrate today by going out with people you like to places you like.  Enjoy a meal, tip well, and thank your entire waitstaff! Happy eating and…