As I was walking down the street …

Find a penny
Pick it up
All day through,
You’ll have good luck!

It’s Lucky Penny Day!  We may not be able to buy a bag full of candy for a penny, like some of our parents did, but a penny is still worth its zinc.  Although it’s nice to have pennies when you are trying to make exact change, word on the street is legislation has been around for a while trying to get rid of the penny.  One day finding a penny on the ground may really be lucky.cent-1295582_1280

According to my source, if you are a penny hoarder, you should concentrate on those made before 1982, when they started making pennies with more zinc than copper.  If you aren’t a penny hoarder, pennies have become very popular in the design world.  I’ve seen penny floors, coffee tables, walls, and counters that were definitely made with more patience than I have.  If you aren’t going to make furniture, you can still use a penny to check your tire tread.

When I think of pennies, as I so often sit around and do, I picture my sister reciting The Lost Penny.  If you know her, today is the perfect day to ask for a personal performance. If you don’t, here is a recording of it as a song.  This I’ve never heard before today, but I do like the sound of his voice.  I don’t really believe in luck, so, happy zincing and…


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