Slip, Slop, Slap, and Wrap

For all my friends that like to lay in the sun until they are a different ethnicity, it’s Don’t Fry Day!  This cute little play on words is a reminder from the National Council of Skin Cancer Prevention not to lay out in the sun until you get skin cancer!  Although the sun is fun, can enhance your mood, and give you some much-needed vitamin D, it can also burn you into a nasty scar and painful treatment.  Take precautions and remember to Slip, Slop, Slap, and Wrap.

SLIP on a shirt. sun-tanned-skin-home-remediesSLOP on some suntan lotion. (SPF 30 or higher) SLAP on a hat. WRAP on sunglasses.

Before you go from Sweedish to Puerto Rican, to racially ambiguous, ask yourself, “Do I want skin cancer?”   Cream it up and take a pill for the vitamin D and play in the sun long enough, so you’re fun to be around but not long so long you return looking like a paint by numbers outline, with blisters and cancer.  To my melanin rich comrades, you too can turn into the horse of a different color, so you must slip, slop, slap, and wrap as well.  As the summer rolls in, have fun, enjoy the sun (before 12 and after 2), slip, slop, slap, wrap, and…


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