4 Shizzle

It is important that with the mass amounts of acronyms and slang attacking the English language, we recognize today’s holiday.   Today is Speak in Complete Sentences Day! Speaking in complete sentences may be a challenge and writing in complete sentences is a definite deviation from today’s common conversations.  Emojis, texts abbreviations, and adding additional consonants to otherwise much shorter words have been taking over the not-so-King’s-English.   I challenge you not to use slang today.  Do not ask, “What the dizzle?” or answer “aight.”  Avoid excluding words and include complete sentences with your emojis. Celebrating today may seem like speaking a foreign language.  Do not worry and do not fret, I would not send you out into the abyss unarmed.  In cases of emergency click the man below.  We are in this together!

Have a talkative day and continue celebrating every single holiday, my Friends.