Will it go away?

Take today literally, metaphorically or both, it’s Lumpy Rug Day!


It’s Spring!  Unless you bought it that way, a lumpy rug may mean it’s time to do a little Spring cleaning or replacing.   If under the rug is where you continuously sweep your dirt until you forget about it and a lump is the only thing left to remind you, you’re nasty. Whip out the Rug Doctor, shampoo, cleaning tools, and get busy until that damn spot comes out.  You might also try trimming those bumps and stragglers that have accumulated over the years.  If your carpet doesn’t look like new after some TLC it may be time to upgrade for a less lumpy rug.

lumpy rug


It’s Spring!  Unless you’d like to drive yourself or someone else crazy with bottled up emotions, unpack your stuff.  If you’re habitually passive aggressive or worse sweep all your junk under the rug, today is the day to do a little Spring cleaning.  Spill your guts to your friends, family, mate, your pet or the person in the mirror.  It’s time to clean the mess that’s blocking your blessings and vision.  You might also try trimming those bumps and stragglers that have accumulated over the years.  If they are real, they can handle everything about you, if they aren’t, it may be time to upgrade to a circle that will cause fewer lumps under your rug.

lumpy rug move

Babies, babies, babies!

Since I have baby fever and a very real yearning to give my nephew a cousin, today I’m celebrating Baby Day!  Rather than tributing truffles, that look like herpes and smell like feet or downing a box of chocolate truffles with more calories and sugar than I’m allowed to have, I’d rather reach out and grab a squishy, little, soft bundle of baby. Celebrate today by either making or playing with a baby, your choice.   Have loads of fun and…



Law and Flowers

It’s officially May 1st and today is an actual holiday, passed by Congress, not one made up by greeting card companies or a group with a sincere affinity for chocolate covered cashews. It’s Law Day!   Law Day was introduced by President Eisenhower in 1958 to remind Americans to honor the role of the Law in creating the United States.  Law Day was also a retaliation holiday against May Day, which, at the time, was seen by some Americans as a communist holiday.

soapbox3Papa Soap Box syas, “It’s very interesting that LAW DAY was created in the 50’s when so many rights were being violated.  And if you look at the protest that took place today, it’s obvious that there are still a lot of problems left to solve and some that one might say still violate Core Democratic Values. Law must still have a long way to go.”


flowers-1575264_640Poor May Day was also considered a pagan holiday (flowers just can’t catch a break) connected to celebrating the Roman goddess of flowers, vegetation, and fertility, Flora.  I found an article that said Americans traditionally used to celebrate May Day by leaving baskets of flowers on the doorsteps of random strangers, ringing the doorbell, then running away.  Reminds me of a different ding and ditch game that does not involve flowers.  There’s already enough poo in the world, so I suggest we celebrate May Day by bringing back the random flowers ding and ditch. I’m off to pick flowers.