40+ and Winning!

oldmaid2We’re living longer, fuller, more fabulous lives, no wonder we’re still winning!  It’s Old Maid’s Day and we’re celebrating! Not the most endearing term for the fabulous and forty, fifty, or more, but today if the crown fits, wear it well and in good company.   Some sources say this holiday started after WWII when many weddings or potential weddings became casualties of the war. Started in 1948 by Marian Richards, today is for the women who have not married, nor had any children, but deserve a day just like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Just a Thought. Should Old Maid’s get a tax credit for reducing their carbon footprint by not adding another human being to the mix? I think so! Energy Saver!”

Celebrate today with a girl party, a game of cards, or doing something you couldn’t do with children and a husband; like relax all day long with your feet up and your favorite book, movie, and drinks or take a spontaneous trip.   When people ask me why I’m not married, I say, “I’m waiting for an offer I can’t refuse.”  Keep winning and…