The Beasts, Birds, and Trees

Today is World Environment  Day! World Environment Day is basically Earth Day for the entire world.  I say ditch Earth Day and let’s just celebrate World Environment Day with the rest of the world. I’m not sure we need two holidays for the same awareness.  It’s like having a Father’s Day and a World Dad Day.  Overkill, especially since paid leave isn’t an option for either.

giraffe-1959110_1280Connect with Nature is the theme for this year’s festivities. If you’re in Toronto, you can join the festivities in person.  If you’re not in Toronto, you can do anything from standing outside taking in the view to rolling around in the grass.  I’m not sure these things do anything to preserve nature, but they definitely connect you on one level or another.  We all can join the iNaturalist Movement and help catalog nature around the world.  This is pretty cool, especially if you have children or enjoy watching the beasts, birds, and trees in your own backyard.  If you’re anything like my Mom, you’ll be doing this behind a glass window, inside the house, safe from everything outside.

Whether you subscribe to Trumpology or actually believe the world is worth preserving, take time today to appreciate what is here now.  Dig your toes in the dirt and…



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