“Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!”

birthday-33087_640Happy Birthday, Donald Fauntleroy Duck! There’s a name if you’re looking for one.   Today is Donald Duck Day and we are celebrating this slightly difficult to understand, short-tempered, yet lovable little duck.  Debuted to the world June 9, 1934, this little prankster worked his way into our hearts wearing only the top half of a sailor’s uniform. How many of us could pull that off?   According to one source I checked, Donald Duck has appeared in more films that any other Disney Character.  Take that Mickey Mouse.

The most obvious way to celebrate today is to watch Donald Duck in action.  A more interesting way to celebrate would be to have a dinner party requiring everyone to dress like Donald Duck.  Hmmmmm…. If you go with the second option, I’d be very selective about my guest list.  “Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!”


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