A – B – O My!

Do you know your blood type?  Or are you like me and feel comfortable enough knowing it is on file somewhere?  I may not know it now, but I will by the end of the day, okay, the week. It’s Blood Type Awareness Day and apparently, I need some awareness!

vampires-1846887_640We’re fairly certain you have blood.  Today is about knowing how it’s categorized.  It’s complicated, but it starts off simple. You’re either A, B, AB, or O, and a positive or negative Rh. From here it starts to get complicated.  There are antibodies, antigens, and a few more things, but the bottom line is it’s good to know your type.   Receiving incompatible blood can be deadly.  If you have a rare blood type, you may need to carry some around with you on ice or have it safely stored.   Through my research, I also found that knowing your type can give you information about your health, such as, your susceptibility to heart diseases, allergies, and your fertility rate!  Wow!

Be informed and helpful.  Find out your blood type by donating blood.  They’ll even give you juice and cookies.  If you have low iron like me or a fresh tattoo, you’ll have to get tested by your doctor.  He’ll test and tell you, but you may not get the juice and cookies. Once you know your type, celebrate by having a blood themed dinner party, red wine  (I recommend Voulet), blood sausages (I won’t be eating), a beet salad (Yum), and blood oranges for dessert (tasty).  Have fun, don’t seek your blood thirsty neighbor for advise, and…