It’s Here!

It’s here!  Or, it was here at 12:24 am.  It’s Summer Solstice Day!   It’s also International T-shirt Day and Go Skateboarding Day! All these holidays are here to encourage you to enjoy the longest day of summer!  Summer is officially here so, bust out the t-shirts with funny or inappropriate tag lines, wear that polo to work, skateboard like a pro (in your head, unless you are a pro), and get some fun in the sun.

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If you’re wondering, “Why Stonehenge?”  It’s because no one knows why this structure was really built, but the Summer Solstice Sunrise hits it dead center, so some think this was an early meteorology structure.  I had the pleasure of seeing these amazing stones in person and they are incredible!  If you get the opportunity, go.  If you don’t get the opportunity, use photoshop and pretend you did.  Happy Summer and…