So Bright

If your future is so bright you have to wear shades, today is the day to wear them. It’s Sunglasses Day!   Sunglasses, one of the coolest unisex accessories, have evolved with fashion over time, but that’s not where they got their start. The history of “sunglasses,” although they weren’t called that, can be traced to ancient Rome (of course, because they created almost everything) and 12th-century Chinese judges.

cool glasses2From protecting your eyes from the sun, hiding your glance, black-eye, or hangover to improving your vision, sunglasses do more than pump up your outfit.  Their protective lenses and fashionable frames add glamour, allure, and mystery. No wonder almost every designer and some engineers have placed their logo on a pair.  So, whether you have a prescription or you’re just too cool for school, put on or flip down your shades and celebrate.  With all the different styles available, from Gucci to Oakley, you’re bound to find a pair that expresses your brand of cool.