Health, Home, and Life

Most of us don’t get excited about insurance until we need it.  It’s Insurance Awareness Day and here’s your chance to either get excited or informed!  Insurance commercials are amusing and the information can be confusing, but most people agree things can get really expensive when you don’t have insurance.


“Not having it is a scam, but so is having it!  That’s how they getcha.” -Papa Soap Box


There is SO MUCH INSURANCE out there!  How do you know if you need one policy or all of them?  It seems like almost everything under the sun can be insured, but is it worth it to insure? That’s the question!  The answer is, if you can pay for it yourself, then don’t insure it.  If paying for it will put you in the red for life, insure the heck out of it!   Life insurance? No family, no kids, no debt?  Set aside $1,000 bucks for a box and a shovel, then take the elevator six feet deep in peace.  Better yet, donate your body to science and get rid of the bill all together. Health insurance?  If you’re really into the holistic lifestyle and completely reject western medicine and technology, live in peace, get sick in peace, and die in peace, the healthcare debate doesn’t concern you. Stop paying insurance, just don’t ask to see my doctors, hospitals, or pharmacies.  Are you a billionaire not concerned about the bill when you ram your new Bugatti into a vintage Rolls Royce?  Then get the bare minimum required by your state and drive happy with your checkbook in the glove compartment.    Insurance is a gamble. Either you’re gambling something you can’t afford will happen, or you’re gambling it won’t.  Choose a responsible side and stay there or win Powerball for $398 million.

I am in no way an insurance professional, so research insurance and the abundance of coverage available, then decide what’s best for you and your family.  In the midst of the current state of healthcare and the debates around insurance and coverage, remember none of this is to be taken lightly.  There are people whose life and death depend on a health care system that works and keeps them alive.

Celebrate today by reading your insurance policy from cover to cover and making certain you understand every word.  I won’t be doing that.  I’ll be Youtubing a few of my favorite insurance commercials.


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