Get your eagle on!

Today we celebrate another holiday that is actually on the congressional books. It’s American Eagle Day!  The American Eagle or Bald Eagle is my favorite bird!  In addition to being a beautiful bird, it’s large, strong, and glides regally through the air.

Although the United States adopted the Bald Eagle as a National Symbol, it has been representing republics since the Roman era.  Benjamin Franklin was not overly excited or excited at all about the Bald Eagle representing America.  He called it a “bird of bad moral character.”  While America is a good place to live, it’s rich moral character is not the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of the threads that weave its moral fiber.  So, maybe the Eagle was an appropriate choice.  And, despite the moral roller coaster of American history, like the Bald Eagle, it bounces back before completely hitting the ground.

Celebrate today by practicing your Eagle calls, which is surprisingly very high pitch. And, should you attract an eagle, duck.  Their talons are very sharp!  Look up and…


Dirty. Stirred. Shaken. Neat.

Enjoy today’s holiday neat, dirty, stirred or shaken. Pour a drink and celebrate National Martini Day! This is a mature cocktails drink that oozes sophistication and class. Channel your inner James or Jane Bond and sip a classic gin martini.  The history of this drink is as cloudy as it is dirty, but it’s clearly sticking around.   With it’s “-tini” name being bootlegged by sweeter drinks this classic is no doubt the grandfather of the cocktail hour.  Celebrate today by making the martini of your choice and hosting a martini hour.  Start with the original and try it every way you can; dirty, neat, stirred, and shaken. Celebrate with friends, split the tab, be responsible and…


Musical Holidays

beautiful-woman-764078_640We’ve already celebrated National Picnic Day and National Panic Day, well today is the International holiday for both.  If you had the time of your life on either one of these National holiday’s, do a repeat and celebrate today Internationally.


If you’re looking for something new to celebrate, of course, it’s Father’s Day, but it is also National Splurge Day and Go Fishing Day!   If you feel like a Ball ’til you Fall kind of day!  Go with it, just try not to wake up in the red tomorrow.  If you want to relax and get your holiday on, go fishing. Of course, I know how to crab, but not fish.  I’ve been wanting to learn so I may take today to go teach myself.

Take today to celebrate everything, ev-er-y-thang, erythang!   Happy Sunday and…


Holler at me.

Holler if you hear me!  It’s National Hollerin’ Contest Day!  Get your lungs loose and your throat ready to celebrate.  If you think celebrating means you get to start shouting at the top of your lungs, you are gravely mistaken.  Today is not the day to scream at everyone you know or random strangers on the street.  Hollerin’ is the lost art of long distance communication and just like any other language you better know what you’re saying.

Up until last year, Spivey’s Corner, North Carolina held the Annual Hollerin’ Contest every June to preserve the history of hollerin’.  Hollerin’ is a form of oral tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation.  In rural areas when neighbors were acres away, people would communicate by hollerin’.  If you were in the field and wanted some water, a water holler would save you the time and energy of walking back to the house.  Hollerins’ history can even be heard in the sound of the modern ambulance, just listen to the distress holler.

Hollerin’ obviously takes training and stamina.  It’s absolutely amazing! I was blown away.  The next time someone hollers at you on the street, holler back! Oooohhh AAaahhhhaooooo and…


Thank Them Now

Thank them now, because you won’t be able to thank them when you need them.  It’s i-put-the-fun-in-funeral-tshirt-previewMorticians Day! Dealing with grieving, feuding, or indifferent family members isn’t easy, so today we take the time to thank the professionals, that give us our final spa treatment and comfort our loved ones.   Of course, this seems like a morbid profession and you don’t exactly think “fun times” when you imagine the person who’ll be embalming or burning you to ashes, so it must take a person with a special heart to serve in this capacity.

Many morticians feel like their profession is a calling.  Well, I guess if you have an affinity for helping people, this is definitely a time when people need understanding and empathy.  On the other hand, if you feel called by a deep need to play around with dead bodies and stuff them with weird crap, that’s a different kind of motivation.  Maybe you’re a people person, but not really, so you like to be around people, but you don’t want the conversation.  Whatever your motivation, it’s nice to have a well paying profession as a satisfying option.  Yes, Morticians can make bank!

Please don’t celebrate today by sending a Mortician flowers, something tells me that’s not he best gift.  Give a gift that reminds them of life.   Maybe tickets to a comedy show or a slasher flick.  If you’ve already purchased your plot and know where you’re going, you know exactly who to thank. If you’re not prepared, jut thank a random Mortician.  Live well and…




All I Need is Butter

I’ll need no persuading to celebrate today’s holiday.  It’s National Lobster Day and I’m going to celebrate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I love lobster.  I eat the entire thing; the tail, the claws, suck the mustard (yes, I know it is), clean the torso, and every bit of meat from every little leg.   Consider me the Bubba of lobster.  I like it.  I love it. And, I want some more of it.

  1. Steamed lobster.lobster-310902_1280
  2. Broiled lobster.
  3. Lobster ravioli.
  4. Lobster omelets.
  5. Lobster bisque.
  6. Lobster sandwiches.
  7. Fried lobster.
  8. Lobster and shrimp.
  9. Stuffed lobster.
  10. Lobster and crab.
  11. Lobster Newberg.
  12. Lobster rolls.
  13. Lobster Thermidor.
  14. Lobster salad.
  15. Lobster linguini.
  16. Lobster risotto.

I could go on and on, but you can find these recipes and more here.  Today celebrate by trying a new recipe.  If you don’t like lobster, I’m sure you were dropped on your head as a baby.  If you are allergic to shellfish, take today to ask God why He gave you the short end of the stick.  As for me, all I need is butter.  Yum, yum, and…


A – B – O My!

Do you know your blood type?  Or are you like me and feel comfortable enough knowing it is on file somewhere?  I may not know it now, but I will by the end of the day, okay, the week. It’s Blood Type Awareness Day and apparently, I need some awareness!

vampires-1846887_640We’re fairly certain you have blood.  Today is about knowing how it’s categorized.  It’s complicated, but it starts off simple. You’re either A, B, AB, or O, and a positive or negative Rh. From here it starts to get complicated.  There are antibodies, antigens, and a few more things, but the bottom line is it’s good to know your type.   Receiving incompatible blood can be deadly.  If you have a rare blood type, you may need to carry some around with you on ice or have it safely stored.   Through my research, I also found that knowing your type can give you information about your health, such as, your susceptibility to heart diseases, allergies, and your fertility rate!  Wow!

Be informed and helpful.  Find out your blood type by donating blood.  They’ll even give you juice and cookies.  If you have low iron like me or a fresh tattoo, you’ll have to get tested by your doctor.  He’ll test and tell you, but you may not get the juice and cookies. Once you know your type, celebrate by having a blood themed dinner party, red wine  (I recommend Voulet), blood sausages (I won’t be eating), a beet salad (Yum), and blood oranges for dessert (tasty).  Have fun, don’t seek your blood thirsty neighbor for advise, and…




Burnt Toast and Bad Pizza!

Today we celebrate cooks who have the intentions of champions but lack the skills to match.  It’s National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day and we salute the destroyers of all edible recipes.

If you love to cook, but friends always ask you to bring cups or ice to the party, today is your day.   If you have watched so much Food Network and Chopped Challenges that you think to yourself, “I can do that,” but in reality, you can’t boil water without starting a grease fire, we are talking about you.  If the best thing you can make is a sandwich, today you are granted permission to take 5 large paces away from the kitchen. Whether your issue is using too much salt, not enough salt, forgetting the butter, mismeasuring the oil, or forgetting you were cooking in the first place, the kitchen is not your best room. Everyone who has been a victim of your dinner table and potluck contributions applauds you and collectively requests you retire your apron.  You get an E for effort and a rest.

I suggest you celebrate by going out to eat, organizing your take-out menus, or getting to better acquainted with another room in the house.  The kitchen is not your area. You should never return unchaperoned and should you find yourself gazing longingly at a recipe, drop the magazine and phone a friend. We love you and we’re here to help.  If you are the friend of a Kitchen Klutz, you have a responsibility not to spare their feelings by giving vague responses of encouragement like, “mmmm, that’s a different approach,” when they say, “Try this!”  Today, you can gift them a Blue Apron box and accompany them step by step to their first delectable dish.  Be patient, be strong, and…



2’s company, 3’s a crowd, 4’s a …

I suspect that even though parents sob about becoming empty nesters and stress how much they will miss us when we’re gone, today’s holiday is their real nightmare.  It’s Crowded Nest Awareness Day!  This is when grown children return to the empty nest of their parent’s with their husbands, children, pets, and more.  They’re Baaaaaack!!!!

Crowded Nest Awareness Syndrome can also be felt the other way around. Make way for the in-laws and the Grands!  Although it can be hard to find a quiet peaceful place in a Full House (pun intended) some of the best T.V. shows were built around crowded homes and unexpected guests.

Celebrate today by inviting family members to move in with you, having the largest sleepover ever, or vegging out after work to a marathon of one or all of the following television shows, Full House, The Cosby Show, Just the 10 of Us, or Everybody Loves Raymond.  By the end, you’re either sure to appreciate your empty nest or feel so alone you welcome Crowded Nest Syndrome.  Get close and…



So Corny!

I like it grilled with butter and sprinkled with cheese.  It’s National Corn on the Cob Day!  Get the dental floss ready and dig in. From the stalk to the grill to the plate, it doesn’t get much simpler than that.  The best corn on the cob I’ve ever had was standing in line to cross back into California from TJ.  That experience change my corn on the cob outlook – CHEESE! Who knew?!  I suggest you celebrate by sealing your dentures tight and taking a bite.  It’s a nice day to grill, boil, or bake this sweet yellow treat.  Teach the youngin’s how to shuck corn, order some crabs and prepare a feast.  This is what I’ll be doing today!