Hey Bubba!

It may sound country, but it’s National Bubba Day!   Bubba is a nickname often (if you’re country) given to the oldest brother.  Today we aren’t celebrating older brothers, just all the people we call Bubba!  If you know a Bubba, give them a shout out, a balloon, a cake, or something celebratory!  If you don’t know a Bubba, today is the perfect day to give someone a new nickname.  You can also dub yourself Bubba!  In addition to the balloons and cake, celebrate today by watching some of the great Bubba’s in action.  I suggest anyone of the first 3 Police Academy movies and of course Forest Gump! 


Some Bubba’s You Should Know!



It Does a Body Good

family-1350741_1280Since day one we’re sucking on mother’s milk in one form or another.  It’s World Milk Day and it still does a body good. Healthy teeth, bones, vitamin D, and many other benefits can be attributed to a nice glass of milk.  I love milk although as I’ve gotten older milk doesn’t love me like it used to, so I’ve switched to Lactaid.  I suggest celebrating today with a nice glass of milk (if you take it in a glass).  If you have a problem drinking it straight, you can always have ice cream, a White Russian, or hot cocoa, although I’m pretty sure you won’t be getting the same nutritional value as a glass of pure pasteurized fresh milk.  You can also be a bit nostalgic today and enjoy some great milk commercials.  There have had some great campaigns. Drink up and…