Mutt Love

Calling all Puggles, Chiweenies, and Sporgis, it’s National Mutt Day or to be P.C. National Mixed Breed Dog Day! All wet noses matter, but today we are taking  24 hours to specially recognize the many mixed babies of the canine class.

Created in 2005 by Colleen Paige, today is meant to bring awareness to the number of mixed breeds waiting to be adopted in shelters across the nation.  Mixed breeds often get a bad rep and are passed over for their pure bred cousins.  Celebrate today by adopting your next best friend of mixed ancestry, volunteering at an animal shelter or donating supplies.  Shelters appreciate the support and every little baby wants to be adopted.

If you already have a mixed baby, dress them up in a new shirt and give them extra love. I’ve never met a canine that wasn’t eager for the extra pat, massage and wet kisses.  Love them up and…




World Friendship

To quote the United Nations, “To confront those [world] crises and challenges, their root causes must be addressed by promoting and defending a shared spirit of human solidarity that takes many forms — the simplest of which is friendship.” It’s International Day of Friendship!

I’m not saying you need to frolic on the beach until sunset and end the day with a Hi-Five, but exhibiting a little more kindness today is a good start.  An international holiday, International Day of Friendship is about more than tolerance.   We all “just want to live our lives” for whatever that means to us individually.  What we don’t want is to live every day in imminent danger, yet many do.  The UN isn’t requesting people change their views or beliefs, they are asking that we participate in a culture of peace.  Which means we can disagree without blowing each other up.

Hopefully, we all have friends and at least one that returns the sentiment.  Celebrate today by treating everyone as if they were your friend.  They don’t have to be your close friend or the person you borrow money from, but at least give them the opportunity to be the kind of friend with whom you hold the door open for and share a smile.


Betcha Hat

rain-1700515_1280If you are anywhere near where I am, you can understand why it’s Rain Day! It’s raining, it’s pouring and somewhere someone has lost a hat.

How bummed would you be if it rained every year on your birthday? Well, in 1874 a local farmer in Waynesburg, PA was bummed enough to casually mention it to a local drug store owner, William Allison, that it rained every year on his birthday.  Mr. Allison intrigued by the accurate weather predictions began taking bets with customers over the possibility of precipitation every July 29th.  His prize of choice was a hat.   The tradition carried on and according to the Rain Day Festival website, rain is in the lead 142 to 114.  If you poke around the website, you can see the “celebrities” who have lost their hat, including the Three Stooges and the current POTUS (we all know he’s a betting man).

If today is your birthday and it’s raining, there is already a celebration in your honor in Waynesburg, PA.  If you’re not in the area you can celebrate by having a Rain Day Pagent, a hat making contest, and birthday cake.  If it isn’t your birthday, you can still celebrate just make it a regular cake.  Have fun and…





Who’s the socially awkward person you call every time you forget your work computer’s password, it runs slowly or says you need permission to touch anything else?  It’s System Administrators Appreciation Day!!  It may sound a little sad, but SAAD is a real thing and it shouldn’t go uncelebrated.  Invented July 28, 2000, by Ted Kekatos who saw an HP LaserJet Advertisement in a magazine with people giving gifts to the IT person and wondered, “Where’s my gift?” And, SAAD became a real thing.  Almost as sweet as Pinocchio becoming a real boy.  

Celebrate today with confetti, ice cream, and of course gifts (maybe a red stapler).  Your System Administrator is critical to the smooth everyday operations of your office, whether you see them and understand them, or not.  Celebrate today by making your SA feel like a rock star, maybe even give them a guitar or sing a song in their honor.  They stress and sweat blood and tears so you can get on with your day.  Sometimes they work odd hours so you can work regular ones.  Hip hip hooray for all the SAs and…


Walk it Out!

I’m not saying you need to Forest Gump it out barefoot on the pavement, but I am saying that after celebrating Junk Food Day, it might not hurt to celebrate Take Your Pants For a Walk Day!

Let’s face it, you need to move, I need to move, so let’s celebrate! You should be walking in the pants you are wearing, otherwise, it defeats the point.  Pants can be shorts, skirts, or skorts, don’t get caught up in semantics.  If you’re usually a sloth, don’t prepare for a sprint, a stroll counts.  Hiking might be fun, but if you have a bum hip, stay on the straight path.  Your pants can enjoy a leisure pace, but you should move faster than the minute hand on your watch.  Enjoy the sunshine, the rain, or whatever the Earth is doing in your neck of the woods.  If you hate nature, walk indoors.  There is absolutely no way to avoid celebrating today.  Celebrate in groups or with a buddy.  Stand up and…



BigDaddy3Big Daddy Kane said it best, Ain’t No Half Steppin, so throw in all the chips.  It’s All or Nothing Day!  Why are you hesitating? Whatever idea you’ve been toying with, wherever you have been faking you’re going, today is the day to jump in with both feet. Work up the guts, spread your wings and go for broke.   You only live once, you’re going to die anyway, and who cares what everyone else is doing?  Get married, start a business, write a book, and travel everywhere.  Do it and do it all with no apologies.  Just don’t be the dud, who starts and stops.  Second place is just the first loser, thinking about going is not just like being there and only doing is doing.  Don’t be afraid of failing because everyone does at some point.  When you go for broke, you give it your all and end knowing that no matter what you couldn’t have done it any other way.  Do you, do life and do it all or nothing!  Have fun and …




Time is Art

You’re going to have to pull out your kumbayah and crystals for this holiday.  Today is Day Out of Time Day and we’re not just in a different time, we are in a different calendar, the 13 moon calendar.   I don’t know too much about this, so I’m not going to linger here long, but the general idea is Peace through Culture and that’s a theme I can support.

Gather today and celebrate by discussing culture and the oneness art can bring.  Peace, love and moonbeams can be today’s motto.  I feel the showers of acceptance shimmering over my body right now.   Don’t get offended or overly caught up.  There are many people who want peace and harmony in the world, but everybody’s peace and harmony isn’t what you want.  Find your center, rub your belly, pat your head and…