Did you forget?

It’s I Forgot Day and there are a few different perspectives you can take.  You can forget about today and not think of it at all. Then technically you would and wouldn’t be celebrating today at the same time.

You can think of all the birthdays, holidays, and other celebrations you’ve missed and send cards with your deepest regrets.  You may also plan to forget some in the future and should prepare those cards as well.

You can think of all the things you may have forgotten to do that you’re glad you didn’t do and write an “Amen” list.  It may give you a chuckle to send cards for these occasions as well.  Although, some recipients may not find these cards funny, especially if your absence resulted in a ticket, firing, or fight.

Or, you can use today as your excuse for not doing the things you said you would do today, but you can only use it for today.  Whatever you choose, don’t forget to celebrate forgetting.


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