Beans, Beans…

…the magical fruit.
The more you eat them,
The more you toot!

It’s Eat Beans Day!  What else can you do but eat beans?  Hopefully, you stopped doing bean art in elementary school.   Choose today to cook your favorite bean recipe or try a new one. There are thousands of bean varieties and millions of recipes to choose from, try one or try them all (that’s a lot of bean eating)!  Beans are cheap and a great source of protein, fiber, antioxidants, and other great stuff making them good for your blood, heart, and wallet.  Any meatless dieter will tell you, beans are a must.

Have a bean potluck party! Invite your family, friends, everyone you know and have a bean dish pass-around.  Don’t worry about possible odors, there’s Glade for that!  Toot, toot, and…



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