Making babies has certainly been on the rise and I’m not just talking about Bey and Jay’s recent “Natural Twins.”  We’ve been increasing our ranks, more than surpassing the former title of today’s holiday, 5 Billion Day.  It’s World Population Day!  World Population Day (WPD) was established by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme in 1989 to bring attention to the needs of a growing world population. With China leading the charge and Holy See bringing in the rear, #People are definitely winning the species race.

Currently tipping the scales around 7 billion, we’re scheduled to reach 9 billion by 2050. Will we make the world great again? Finding places to stash extra humans is just part of the plan, but if we find a place to put all our trash and learn how to use natural resources more responsibly, we may be okay for 2050.  So, before you go packing your bags for Venus, celebrate today by getting involved in something productive.  Find a non-profit organization and get involved in art, culture, education, health, the environment or human services.  Afterall, if there are going to be 9 billion people in the world, you don’t want to share your space with a bunch of close-minded, uncultured, stupid, smelly, selfish people. So, volunteer to help others and…


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