The Eyes Have It

Elizabeth-Berkley-Sectoral-HeterochromiaToday we celebrate the dogs, cats, horses, and people with a rare and somewhat exotic abnormality.  It’s Different Colored Eyes Day!  I think they dumbed down today’s title from Heterochromia Day.  Perhaps “they” think you’re an idiot who can’t say Heterochromia, but I digress.  Heterochromia is caused by an imbalance of melanin in the iris which can result in complete or partial heterochromia, which means different color eyes.  If you have complete heterochromia, you have two completely different eye colors.  If you have partialheterochromia, you probably have a variety of colors in one or both eyes.  In most cases, heterochromia is a benign medical condition. In other cases, something is wrong with you. For example, if you were not born with two different eye colors and one day you bump your head and now you have heterochromia, you’ve probably been tragically injured and should see a doctor instead of flaunting your new exotic look.

Celebrate today by embracing eyes of a different color.  If you have two eyes that are the same color, you can wear a patch with an eye of a different color pasted on top or, you can put a contact in one eye.  Most likely, I’ll celebrate by watching reruns of the classic Saturday morning show, Saved by the Bell.  Why you ask?  Because Elizabeth Berkley is on the list of celebrities with Heterochromia.  “I’m so excited!”



Today’s References: All About Vision, National Institute of Health

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