Even Sadder…

As if it couldn’t get any sadder than waiting all year to celebrate Pi Day, someone went and dubbed today Pi Approximation Day.  Really what were all the mathematicians doing with their evenings?  Isn’t pi an approximation anyhow?  I agree when the HuffPost asks, How much Pi does one need? Of course, I expect some math witty retort, but what I need is fewer holidays related to approximate mathematical numbers.  I don’t even know what you should do to celebrate.  Maybe you can go around approximating everything.  I have fifty for whoever can replace today with “The Proper use of the Apostrophe Day!”

Maybe I’m a little jealous, but it seems math and science have hogged the holidays.  I say creative writing and English majors should take over a few dates.  I may have digressed for a minute.  I’ll work on this while the rest of the math nuts are sitting in a cubicle thinking of the next great math related holiday. Have an approximately happy day and…


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