The New Glizzy

Apparently, I was late to the party, but my Bama cousins have gone to calling the All American Hot Dog a Glizzy.  I don’t know if the new name will catch on enough to affect today’s holiday, but it is National Hot Dog Day.  This grill day favorite has been around so long it was probably growing on a tree in the Garden of Eden.  From plain to the traditional ketchup and mustard, to gourmet, the hot dog is holding its ground against the hamburger, its notorious grill mate.

Of course, you celebrate today by eating a hot dog.  Try it gourmet, plain, with cheese or cut up in your spaghetti O’s, just eat it.  You may also want to view the tween rated, taunting meme glizzy in action.  It’s all fun and games until it happens to you.  People can be cruel.    Don’t sit down with the kiddies thinking you are going to celebrate by watching Sausage Party, it is not a children’s movie.  I repeat IT IS BARELY AN ADULT MOVIE. Keep it tame and celebrate by the grill.   Share a glizzy and…



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