cousinsairToday we are celebrating your mamma’s brother/sister’s kids and their kids and their kids, kids. It’s Cousin’s Day!!!   First, second, third, once, twice removed, they all count, except your play cousins.  Okay, you can count them too.

I have the best cousin’s on Earth, well, at least a few of the best cousins on Earth (you know who you are).  If you don’t love hanging out with your cousin’s I feel sad for you. With over 30 first cousins and 70 second cousins our family reunions don’t just get large, they get live! I have some of the best, stupidest, grossest most loving cousin’s ever made. If I could, I would celebrate with them all!!!!   However, getting us all in one place is a chore and I can’t remember the last time it actually happened.  If it ever does, you better watch out! Shout out to the #BFC Crew.

cousinsBFCOf course, your cousin gathering won’t be as awesome as mine, but you should definitely celebrate today with a Cousin’s Day activity and if you’re in West Virgina bring your father/cousin/brother. Have fun and…






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