Walk it Out!

I’m not saying you need to Forest Gump it out barefoot on the pavement, but I am saying that after celebrating Junk Food Day, it might not hurt to celebrate Take Your Pants For a Walk Day!

Let’s face it, you need to move, I need to move, so let’s celebrate! You should be walking in the pants you are wearing, otherwise, it defeats the point.  Pants can be shorts, skirts, or skorts, don’t get caught up in semantics.  If you’re usually a sloth, don’t prepare for a sprint, a stroll counts.  Hiking might be fun, but if you have a bum hip, stay on the straight path.  Your pants can enjoy a leisure pace, but you should move faster than the minute hand on your watch.  Enjoy the sunshine, the rain, or whatever the Earth is doing in your neck of the woods.  If you hate nature, walk indoors.  There is absolutely no way to avoid celebrating today.  Celebrate in groups or with a buddy.  Stand up and…


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