World Friendship

To quote the United Nations, “To confront those [world] crises and challenges, their root causes must be addressed by promoting and defending a shared spirit of human solidarity that takes many forms — the simplest of which is friendship.” It’s International Day of Friendship!

I’m not saying you need to frolic on the beach until sunset and end the day with a Hi-Five, but exhibiting a little more kindness today is a good start.  An international holiday, International Day of Friendship is about more than tolerance.   We all “just want to live our lives” for whatever that means to us individually.  What we don’t want is to live every day in imminent danger, yet many do.  The UN isn’t requesting people change their views or beliefs, they are asking that we participate in a culture of peace.  Which means we can disagree without blowing each other up.

Hopefully, we all have friends and at least one that returns the sentiment.  Celebrate today by treating everyone as if they were your friend.  They don’t have to be your close friend or the person you borrow money from, but at least give them the opportunity to be the kind of friend with whom you hold the door open for and share a smile.