Mutt Love

Calling all Puggles, Chiweenies, and Sporgis, it’s National Mutt Day or to be P.C. National Mixed Breed Dog Day! All wet noses matter, but today we are taking  24 hours to specially recognize the many mixed babies of the canine class.

Created in 2005 by Colleen Paige, today is meant to bring awareness to the number of mixed breeds waiting to be adopted in shelters across the nation.  Mixed breeds often get a bad rep and are passed over for their pure bred cousins.  Celebrate today by adopting your next best friend of mixed ancestry, volunteering at an animal shelter or donating supplies.  Shelters appreciate the support and every little baby wants to be adopted.

If you already have a mixed baby, dress them up in a new shirt and give them extra love. I’ve never met a canine that wasn’t eager for the extra pat, massage and wet kisses.  Love them up and…




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