Bee Kind

Today’s holiday may be something you do already, but for those that need to be reminded, today has been declared Don’t Step on a Bee Day!  Unless this is an occupational hazard, most of us can go days without stepping on a bee.  However, if you have a phobia or see one near your doorstep, it may be second nature to step on the uninvited guest.  You may commit an offense unaware unless you’re barefoot and run into a lady bee.  There are thousands of bee species, each playing an important role in nature. Do your part, take extra precautions, and look before you step.  Bee kind to our pollinating friends. Celebrate today with a walk in the park.  If you see a bee on the ground step aside, so it is can pass.  It may be carrying lunch for thousands.  Bzzzzz….



I love…

…to Rock N’ Roll and if you do too, celebrate because it is Rock N’ Roll Day!  Rock N’ Roll was played long before Ohio Disco Jokey, Alan Freed, gave it a name.  Usually played with a full band, Rock N’ Roll is a mix between electric blues, boogie, jazz, gospel, R&B, and country.   From smooth rock to classic rock to hard rock, Most of us have a Rock N’ Roll song on our playlist and at the very least a rock n’ roll collaboration we can’t help but jam to.

Celebrate today with music lovers. Play rock n’ roll trivia followed by a serious game of karaoke and Guitar Hero.  If you don’t feel like a rock star by the end of the evening, the only thing left is a stint in rehab.  Okay, bad joke, but it’s either that or a reality t.v. show. rock out and…


chuck berry.jpg

Gamers Unite!

Gamers all over the world, unite, it’s Video Game Day!  This holiday actually comes twice a year.  I’m sure someone used a cheat code to get it on the calendar twice.  It most certainly wasn’t me since my video game days died somewhere around the 3rd or 4th remake of the Legend of Zelda.  These days there are a million video games in rotation with graphics that look like full-length feature films and there are at least a hundred different types of controllers. I have officially lost my cool in the video game arena. Unless Candy Crush counts, I might as well be playing Burger Time.


Celebrate today by not complaining while your gamer friend sits on the couch playing video games for ten straight hours.  Admire their commitment and ability to hold their bladder and bowels for those many consecutive hours.  Then, join them and celebrate the art of gaming.  If you’re anything like me, your games don’t really exist anymore and no one cares that you’re a Tetris Goddess.  Learn a new game and fake it til you make it! Level up and…





If you did it right, you were her first love and the man who will never leave her heart.  If you’re able, spend some quality time together and celebrate Father-Daughter Take a Walk Together Day! 619-03683303

My Daddy definitely did it right and if he were here I know we’d take a walk today.  If you’re not in my boat, celebrate your special bond with a walk by the lake, on the beach, or down the street.  You don’t need a fancy park setting to indulge.   Roll the wheelchair or strut your stuff, it’s not how you go that matters.  If distance is your issue and not the metaphysical kind, you can still walk, just bring your cell phones and convo through the airwaves.  Reminisce about old times or plan some new ones.  If your Father-Daughter relationship is a little bruised, today is an opportunity to start healing.  It’s better to try when you’re alive than to call Miss Cleo later.

If you’re in my boat and you want to celebrate, but can’t, you can watch Shirley Temple in The Little Princess and ball your eyes out like me.  I know this seems sad and it is, but sometimes I get a little joy from the sad things too.  Love each other and…




Pucker up!  It’s International Kissing Day! A WARNING. Before you go getting yourself dumped, all kissing counts.  So, today isn’t an excuse to French a crush under the guise of celebrating an international holiday.  You can kiss your mutt and still be included in the celebrations.  However, if you are single, today is the perfect day to French your crush and blame it on the festivities. giraffe-2072094_640

Kiss for hello. Kiss for goodbye.  Kiss just because. Today requires no special reason to kiss except to enjoy the affection of two lips pursed with gentle pressure against your skin.  So, plant a couple platonic kisses on your neighbor’s cheek.  Let me remind you, before you go getting too fresh, millions of germs are traded when you swap spit, so swap responsibly.



All work

If you’re all work and no play, celebrate.  It’s Workaholics Day!  If you’re the first in and the last out, think about work 24/7 and even take an extra piece of luggage on vacation for your work materials, you’re a workaholic. Maybe you’re a workaholic because you’re so driven you don’t have time to stop and smell the roses.  Maybe you love your job so much, you neglect the fact that others would rather spend time with you minus your Powerpoint for next week’s meeting.  Or, maybe you work for a boss that expects you to be at their beck and call, even though no one’s life is at risk. Today and today only, we celebrate your dedication and the gray hairs that come with it.

Celebrate today by continuing to be engrossed in your work, or finally, give yourself and your family the day off.  Engage in conversations that have nothing to do with your job. Acknowledge the world beyond your laptop.  Go outside and literally smell a rose.  Have fun and…DON’T WORK TODAY!


GettyImages-Obama vacation

Fried eggs anyone?

It’s summer and it’s hot, but how hot is it?  Is it hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk? Well, there are some people who know the answer to that questions. It’s Sidewalk Egg Frying Day and not only is it a holiday, it’s a competition.   Down in Arizona where it’s known to be hot, people gather on the 4th of July for more than fireworks.  At high noon, folks assemble, on Route 66, to see who can fry an egg on the sidewalk in 15 minutes.

According to Bill Nye the Science Guy, you can cook an egg on the sidewalk at 130 hothothotdegrees Fahrenheit, in about 20 minutes.  But what do you do when it isn’t 130 degrees outside and you only have 15 minutes?  You get creative! At least they do in Arizona. Forming space like egg carrying contraptions and homemade solar panels, contestants compete to cook the perfect fried egg first.

Celebrate today, by trying this trick at home on your own sidewalk.  I wouldn’t suggest flipping it on your plate when the competition is over, but I would recommend hosing down the area. Over cooked eggs on concrete can’t smell pretty.  Fry up and…


fried egg contest

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